Feature Details

Power Transformer

Transformers are one of the primary components for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. The scope of transformer types starts with generator transformers and ends with distribution transformers. Transformers which are directly connected to the generator of the power stations are called generator transformers. Energypac’s standard range goes up to 520MVA and 400kV. The connection between the different high voltage system levels is made via network transformers. Energypac is able to offer network transformers up to 520MVA, 400kV.

  • Designed to withstand short circuit forces acts radially and axially during faults.
  • High efficiency is ensured by implementing the technology of magnetic material and CU conductor.
  • Thermally upgraded insulation paper(Class A) results in Long
  • Lower PD value, lower sound level
  • High withstanding capability against TOV, lightning strikes, switching phenomenon, over flux conditions.
  • Leakproof, pressure, and vacuum tested as per standard.