Why Do You Need To Change Your Filters?

Filters really are your generator set’s first line of defence against dirt and debris, which if not caught by a filter can damage the engine and, at the very least, reduce its efficiency.

Replacing your filters should be part of your regular maintenance program and it is one of the best ways to maximise performance and minimise lifecycle operating costs. Filters are a relatively small and inexpensive part of your generator set but, as with anything to do with regular maintenance, servicing them is critical to ensuring the peak performance of your generator set. 

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter’s main purpose is to clean the fuel of the dirt and debris which damages the diesel fuel pumps, injectors and nozzles.  Damage to these components and others, can lead to poor starting, higher fuel consumption, reduced engine power and component failure.

The fuel filter’s secondary, and almost as important, role is as a water separator.  Fuel contaminated by water causes poor fuel burn, reduced power and corrosion of components such as the injectors and fuel pumps, which also leads to poor engine performance. Fuel injector wear is the top reason for early replacement and effective fuel filtration is the best way to prevent wear.

A typical fuel system returns the unused fuel back into the tank, meaning the fuel filter constantly has fuel cycled through it.  A fuel filter passes about 1.5 litres of fuel per minute and circulates 45,000 litres of fuel every 500 hours of operation

Oil Filters

Oil is critical to your generator set as not only does it circulate lubrication through the moving parts of the engine, but it also enhances fuel efficiency and prevents deposits and sludge.

Like the fuel filter the oil filter is also used to keep the engine clean.  The oil filter extracts the soot from the oil breakdown and the burning fuel, and it extracts metal contaminants.  Without effective filters and oil changes, contaminants build up on the engine parts and oil passages causing restricted flow, low oil pressure and engine hot-spots.  Contaminated oil can also cause wear on the engine leading to premature engine damage or even engine failure.

Typically all the lubricating oil in an engine passes through the oil filter every 12-15 seconds, so the oil filter needs to be able to capture the soot and the deposits but not starve the lubrication system.

Air Filters

A diesel engine uses about 500m3 of air each hour, but even one spoonful of dust can cause irreparable damage. The air filter must allow all that air into the engine with minimal restriction but still keeping out 99.99% of the dust.

Blocked air filters mean a restricted airflow which reduces the engine power and increases the fuel consumption leading to a build-up of carbon deposits on overhaul components. Particles entering the combustion chamber because of inefficient filtering can cause wear of the valves and valve seats, leading not only to poor performance but also to damage to the turbochargers and piston rings, which are expensive to repair. 

Why Buy Genuine Filters? Choose The Best And Save Money!

Aren’t all filters the same?  The answer is clear, no!  Only genuine filters sold by FG Wilson are designed, built and tested to meet the engine specifications. Non-genuine filters are typically built to meet a price point and are tested in a laboratory, not rigorously tested in real life conditions to ensure long lasting life and performance of your generator set. 

Using non-genuine filters may save you money now but in the long term they can cost you dearly.  Higher levels of contaminants in your generator set leads to increased fuel consumption and a shorter service life.  That means higher running costs and expensive repairs.

Real-world tests show that genuine filters outperform alternative filters, delivering real cost savings:

  • Genuine filters last twice as long
  • Genuine filters prolong injector life by 41%
How Do You Know It’s A Genuine FG Wilson Filter? 

You can tell you have bought a FG Wilson genuine part because

  • It will have a hologram
  • It will be in FG Wilson genuine part packaging