Feature Details

HT Switchgear

The Transformer protection and control panel consists of all sorts of control, protection, metering, and monitoring of the transformer feeder. This panel is a combination of transformer differential protection, over current, earth fault and restricted earth fault relays associated with other auxiliary relays in the protection part of the panel. We have the flexibility to customize the requirement for any special scheme requirement. In the control panel parts, we are providing all sorts of metering like ampere, voltage, megawatt, mega var, etc. We use a standard annunciator module, discrepancy control switches, and different types of control switches as per scheme requirements. Remote monitoring capabilities are available and the transfer of analog and digital data from the control panel to SCADA system is also possible. CONTROL, RELAY & PROTECTION PANEL consists of:
1. Transformer Feeder
2. Incoming & Outgoing Feeders
3. Bus Coupler
4. Busbar Protection Panel,
5. Automation Panel